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Announcing the Trust Spend Down

Corina Higginson Trust Announces Sunset and Legacy of Impact after 60 Years of Community Support

Washington, DC — July 31, 2023 — After more than six decades of dedicated service to the community, the Corina Higginson Trust has made the heartfelt decision to conclude its philanthropic journey by spending down its assets and sunsetting the Trust. Throughout its history, the Trust has provided unwavering support to exceptional organizations, leaving a lasting legacy of positive impact.

The decision to sunset the Trust was carefully considered by Trustees and advisors, as they believe it will enable the sustained impact of their collective work for years to come. The Trust has been honored to support incredible organizations in their pursuit of creating positive change.

Over the years, the Corina Higginson Trust has been a staunch advocate of empowering organizations with small general operating grants that provide the flexibility needed to advance their missions effectively. Recognizing the ever-evolving needs of local communities, the Trust accelerated its grantmaking in the Washington, DC metro region in 2019, ensuring vital resources reached those who needed them most.

"As we reflect on our incredible journey, we are humbled by the dedication of our grantees and the transformative work they do daily," said Virginia Mackay-Smith, Trustee of the Corina Higginson Trust and great grand-niece of Corina Higginson Rogers who established the Trust in 1962. "It has been an honor to play a part in their impressive efforts to make a difference in the lives of countless individuals."

During the spending down process, the Corina Higginson Trust remains committed to supporting its existing grantees. As the Trust winds down, our focus will shift to include assisting grantees in exploring alternative funding opportunities and forging connections with potential partners to ensure a smooth transition.

To streamline the application and reporting processes and alleviate the burden on grantees, starting with the 2024 Spring Grant Round the Trust will no longer accept unsolicited applications. We anticipate inviting proposals from among those organizations that have been receiving regular grants from the Corina Higginson Trust.

As the Corina Higginson Trust prepares to make its final grants over 2024 and 2025, the Trustees look forward to celebrating the milestones and achievements that have shaped its shared history with grantees. Together, they have left a lasting mark on the community, leaving an indelible legacy of positive change.

For more information or immediate inquiries, please contact Brittany Barnes and Laura Ford at

About the Corina Higginson Trust

The Corina Higginson Trust, established in 1962 by Corina Higginson Rogers, has been a steadfast supporter of organizations based in or benefiting the greater Washington Metropolitan area. Its mission centers around offering relief to the poor, distressed, and underprivileged, promoting social welfare by fostering inclusive communities and defending civil rights, advancing education and science, and providing instruction and training to empower individuals for personal growth and development.